How to become a Chartered Accountant after 12th Commerce

By: RR Academy

Chartered Accountancy course is one of the toughest course in this world. To clear this examination one requires proper determination, dedication and patience. As this examination is toughest among all the other examination, therefore, its conversion Ratio i.e. Aspirants to Successful Candidate ratio is also very low. It is considered as one of the rigorous professional courses in India but not difficult if one put his fullest efforts.

present them with a schedule documenting the tax saving. He had arranged a meeting for attracting new clients to gain business relations. He also tries to done meeting with new clients to increase his business. He has to carry ethical law based and knowledge based practice in current business environment. The power of attention is always on stake for CA, to remain loyal for Client as well as for Government because one give fees and second one give power. A client has to be entertained who needs help planning the level of dividends and take from the company without breaching his high rate tax bands and discuss with him his financial growth forecast. Some C.A’s who are practicing in taxation and laws also presents their client in the court of law in which they defend their his daily task he will take up concurrent audit of banks in which he has to conduct an audit of daily activities carried out in the bank. He also undertakes various another audit as well as taxation jobs. Some C.A’s also undertakes work of Income tax returns filing as well as tax preparers in their normal working days.

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