Schedule Your Study Time

By: RR Academy

First of all, you need to schedule your study time. Divide your day into 4 slots of 4 hours. Opt those subjects that you are most confident about. If you are facing some problem to solve a question, do not waste your time on that question and bookmark that question for discussion with your faculty or friends. After the study, try to recall each chapter in your mind.

Time is precious. Nobody is more aware of this than the poor student who hasn’t studied a thing until the night before an exam. By then, of course, it’s too late. The key to breaking the cycle of cramming for tests is to think ahead and create an effective study plan. Not only will this help you get organised and make the most of your time, it’ll also put your mind at ease and eliminate that nasty feeling you get when you walk into an exam knowing that you’re not at all prepared. As the old saying goes, fail to prepare and be prepared to fail.

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